Downloadable Aged Care Meal Plan

Aged Care facilities across Australia all value their nutritional standards and can agree that a balanced and nutritious diet is key for their residents. And it turns out protein is a big deal!

How Angel Bay can help

Angel Bay offers a versatile and high-quality range of food products that make an excellent option for aged care facilities to include in their menus. The nostalgic products, such as the Rissoles and Gourmet Meatballs, are particularly popular, providing a sense of comfort and warmth.

Here's why our products are perfect for your residents:

  1. They meet the quality protein requirements for aged care.
  2. They're low in sodium and fat, making them a healthy option for residents.
  3. The products are also Halal, which makes them suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.
  4. They're all part-cooked and snap-frozen, making them easy to prepare (the Chefs will thank you!).

Products that aged care providers across Australia currently use on their menus:

Complimentary Meal Plan:

To make the whole process that little bit easier, we've taken our favourite products and recipes and created a handy printable meal plan that your chefs will love and your residents will thank you for. Let us aid you in planning your next menu. Click below to download now.