Digital Strategies For A Better Burger Business

You need industry-standard tools to build the best burgers in the kitchen, not to mention quality ingredients. In this article, we’re going beyond the kitchen to explore digital tools to help you build and market a better burger business, so you can get your burgers in more peoples’ hands and have more time to work on your delicious creations. 

We call this the ABC of better burgers.

a. Access - Share your menu, streamline ordering and payment

Digitise your menu

Having an online menu means you can share it with more people and update it easily in real-time, which is excellent if your supply chain changes daily.

Contactless menus always look their best, remove any need for printing, and are simply safer and cleaner.

Create a contactless menu using Yumm.

Redesign your menu

Many tools and resources can assist with redesigning your menu to ensure it is clean, clear, and easy to read for your customers while keeping a focal point on your best sellers and high-ticket items.

Canva is a browser-based design tool that lets foodservice businesses create menus using a variety of excellent templates as starting points.  Once you’re happy with the design, you can then upload them to your social feed or website.

Try Canva for free.

QR code your menu

You can make your menu easy to access and even take orders and have customers pay online using a QR code.

Website design platforms such as Spotify and Squarespace offer online menu and ordering systems that you can link to with a QR code at Point Of Sale. People can order and pay without taking you away from the grill. 

Create a QR code for your menu.


Gather better customer data

Your digital menu will provide you with genuine feedback in real-time. Track which items are the big sellers and at which point in the interactions your customers are getting confused or choosing to bounce. 

Hint: Speaking of feedback, be sure and keep an eye on the conversations happening via Tripadvisor and Google. Encourage happy customers to leave you reviews and read all reviews to explore ways to improve your offering. 

If you've got a tablet to hand, you can also create a simple point-of-sale survey using Typeform, to engage customers and get immediate feedback about your products or services while it is fresh in their mind.

Check out this Typeform template for a Customer Satisfaction survey.


B. Bookkeeping - Keep an eye on your Profit & Loss

Using the Angel Bay Burger Margin Calculator (BMC), you can see which ingredient combinations will deliver the healthiest profit for your burger sales.

We know that Angel Bay Patties are very ‘profit friendly’, and we love hearing our customers’ reactions when they break their burgers down into dollars and cents. 

Try our Burger Margin Calculator now.


C. Comms - Build a community and make them VIPs

Encourage your customers to follow your feed on social or subscribe to your VIP email. Keep them in the loop with new menu items, social events and special VIP deals. Offer them VIP ongoing discounts, birthday treats and show them the love when they refer friends and bring a big group down to your place for a feed.

The great thing about MailChimp (a browser-based email platform) is that they offer CRM (Customer Relations Management) options. Once you’ve created the template email, the system does the rest automatically. So your VIP customers get their birthday bonus burger offer (for example) without you lifting a finger!

Explore Mailchimp.

By digitising menu access, bottom line bookkeeping and driving customer relations via email, you’ll find you’ve more time to work on your burgers rather than using that time for working on your business. Once your ABCs are nailed, your burger business will graduate to the next level. 


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