5 reasons precooked beef patties are inflation busters

Inflation is on the rise and we're all feeling the pinch. Every distributor order seems to cost more than the last and getting quality staff in the kitchen and front-of-house is nigh on impossible in the current climate. If you fall into the camp of someone who makes their own burger patties but is considering making the swap to Angel Bay, we've got all the reasons why once you make the change, you'll never look back.

1. TIME - better, faster.

Most Angel Bay patties cook in less than 12 minutes. You can cook them from frozen or defrost them ahead of time. Plus, you can cook them in the microwave, in the oven or on a hot plate. Preparation flexibility means streamlining your output.

2. TASTE - bringing home a handcrafted flavour

Angel Bay beef patties don’t just look homemade, they taste handcrafted. Plus, if you really want to bring home that handmade flavour, you can use a few seasoning tricks. We recommend experimenting with sprinkling on:

  • • Seasoned salt
  • • Garlic powder
  • • Onion powder
  • • Chili powder (take it easy with this one)
  • • Good old salt and pepper.

You could (if you wanted to be super fancy) premake a seasoning sprinkle mix and have it handy by the grill for when you’re cooking. 

Warning: start small! You can always add more but it’s hard to add less! 

Other ways to hit a home run with the handmade flavour is with your condiments and cheeses. A little Worcestershire Sauce can knock a burger out of the hometown park. The same goes for BBQ sauce, Italian dressing and Hoisin sauce. Sharp cheddar, mild or a little bit of gouda? It all depends upon what you call “the taste of home.”


3. CONSISTENCY - stay within the margins

Shrinkage isn't a problem when cooking your Angel Bay patties and so you're guaranteed a consistent burger with every order. Wastage can also be kept to a minimum when cooking from frozen because you only need to use the product as it is ordered.

4. EASE - cook vs chef

Angel Bay burgers can be cooked on a hot plate, in the oven or in the microwave, which means anyone can create a cracking burger at a moment's notice in your kitchen. This can be important if you’re keeping your staff levels lower or running short on skilled labour, as you can still be serving burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


5. LONGEVITY - less waste

Being able to prepare the burgers as you need them equals reduced wastage and our patties have a long shelf life so can be kept for a longer time in a cold store.

But, hang on (you might say) isn’t the price of everything rising?

Inflation is hitting us at all points in the supply and preparation chain. That’s why we have to look for ways to find margin beyond the ingredients themselves. Time is money and if we’re cutting costs on prep time, if we’re throwing out less waste and if we’re finding ways to create better burgers on a budget, then we’re winning.

Speaking of budget. We created the Angel BayBurger Margin Calculator, so you can compare your current burger to an Angel Bay burger and see which ingredient combinations will deliver the healthiest profit for your burger sales. 

We know that Angel Bay Patties are very ‘profit friendly’, and we love hearing our customers’ reactions when they break their burgers down into dollars and cents to try and make more sense of inflation vs value.

Click here to try our Burger Margin Calculator and see how profitable your Angel Bay burger is.

It all weighs up as a story of value

The current price of beef is at the mercy of the supply chain and the world’s woes. You’ve got your Angel Bay locked down in the freezer, ready to bring the sizzle and please the crowds. 

Gone are the days when precooked patties meant the burger didn’t look homemade. We’ve created our Homestyle beef burgerto fit feedback from the market. We’ve made sure that as well as tasting great, this product delivers consistency, ease, less wastage and value.

With Angel Bay precooked patties, you can keep your prices locked down for longer, and give your customers an affordable meal option in a broiling sea of uncertainty. 

After all, it’s the brands that stay strong and true to their character that are remembered post times of crisis. 

Anchor your prices and deliver your menu with confidence, knowing you have Angel Bay tucked away under the lid of your freezer.

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