Get to know Chef Liam

When I was asked to introduce myself to you the reader about who is writing these delicious Angel Bay burger recipes. I was reminded how much I cringe at the thought of talking about myself or what I have achieved so far in my career, I say that because I always feel the best is yet to come. I love hospitality and where it’s taken me, my loyalty is the brigade.

How it all started...

Like so many people in hospitality, I fell into it and instantly found myself running with it. In my early teens, I sniffed out any friends who knew friends who knew chefs who needed albeit a small set of hands. I was introduced to the marvels of the food world, my best friend’s dad introduced me to fluffy farinaceous dumplings aka potato gnocchi, making them only through the feel and touch.

I got shifts at our favourite Indian restaurant where I discovered what a real chilli heat hit was and the refreshingly cooling effects of homemade mango lassi. To the monotony of the daily Café prep cycle particularly if you had a good bruschetta on the menu, chopping all those boxes of fresh tomatoes certainly hardened the hands, nothing stings harder than a bit of fresh tomato juice on blistered hands.

Kitchen Gold

Behind all the culinary food discoveries came the adrenalin buzz like a shot, service was my thrill. I was fast and light on my feet, I moved through the sections like a ballerina predicting everyone’s move and next order, for me it was like a dance there was so much going on around you, on the walkways, benches, stoves, fridges and through the air. Listening to chefs’ words above all other clamours, you learned very early that the faster you responded and delivered without mistake to the precise timing with the other sections was pure kitchen ecstasy.

Like molten gold pouring out the kitchen doors in my mind, there is no greater feeling than a kitchen pumping out meals on time and without a glitch or snag to unravel the inertial force and self-fulfilling euphoria contained within those walls. Cementing your place on the team and more importantly on next week’s roster!

If you are lucky enough to uncover the little nugget in your workday, grasp it and keep persisting at it. Every win nourishes you and your brain with energy neurons charging your neurocognitive mind like lightning strikes. I would write a full seasonal menu and recipes for you faster and with more gratifying pleasure than I ever could writing this piece.

The reality is, and I won’t lie to you or anyone who asks for advice, some days suck and leave you wondering whether it’s right for you. One thing you can be sure of, you and your hospo mates are all on a similar path, share your thoughts and trepidations. Those late-night chats in their own little way helped me stay on the path and discover every curious twist. It will never be straightforward but lean into it you might just enjoy the ride!

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it..