Meet The People of Green Island

Did you know the consistently high quality of Angel Bay patties begins with an island? Green Island, which is a suburb in Dunedin, New Zealand, has been the home of our home-style patties for many years now.

Green Island Plant has a population of about 100 people who work two production shifts and a clean-up shift five days a week, producing our pure New Zealand Beef (and lamb) patties. And it’s these people who ensure consistent product quality. Because over the years, they have developed what they call ‘the three Ps of patty perfection.’

Pride. Process. Passion.

We chatted with two Green Island inhabitants, Regan Ross and Desna Johns, about what it takes to make really good patties. 

“Eighty percent of people I talk to have heard of Angel Bay, and they say things like, ‘Oh, those patties are good.’ says Regan, one of Angel’s Bay’s Quality Assurance team, “and so we have a lot of pride here, in the product.”

The people of Green Island are always pitching in - especially if there is a new product being tested. “Oh, we are proud of the work we do.” adds Desna, who looks after production and office admin, “We wear it like a badge because customers love the work that we do.”

During our conversations, both Regan and Desna mentioned the team’s willingness to help out and to lead by example. This is a focused process-first manufacturing facility where everyone has each other’s back. 

“There’s a laid-back atmosphere here,” says Regan, “Because we all know our roles, but that doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about the results and hard working.”

“It all starts with Harriet, our Technical Manager,” says Desna, “and that passion for perfection rubs off on other people, right down the production line.”

Everyone on the team knows what an Angel Bay patty looks like, and what it tastes like. This recipe has been honed and finessed to the ‘nth degree. 

“We’re all involved in the consistent quality aspect of these patties,” says Regan. “I mean, we’re HALAL certified, so we have to be details focused. We set expectations, and we play by the rules.”

“Whether it’s Cherie doing the certs and the meat orders or Amy looking after Health and Safety,” Desna adds. “Or Shane, the Plant Manager,” Regan throws in, “Oh yeah, better mention the top dog!” says Desna with a laugh, and then continues, “We make this product often, and we know, we always know when something isn’t quite right.” 

It’s one of those ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ scenarios. But, still, the team never rests… because just when you think you’ve got the best, there’s always a way to explore even better. 

“Do you know what’s funny?” quips Desna “Even on our 0800 number. You know, normally those numbers are for queries or complaints, well, the number of times people ring up and just say, ‘Oh, I love your patties they’re great.’ It makes it a lot easier to take those calls!”

There’s a big mix of ages and cultures at Green Island. Some are part-time, others full. What brings them together is a passion and pride for making really good patties. And sport.

“Yeah, we talk a lot about sport… and the weather. You talk a lot about the weather in Dunedin,” says Regan with a chuckle. If you’re not local, New Zealand is known for having four seasons in one day. Well, Dunedin is known for having four seasons at once. “There’s never a dull day, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love it here.”

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