Promoting International Burger Day

Guest written by Chef Liam

International Burger Day is just around the corner and it's a perfect opportunity for your business to engage with both existing and potential customers in a fun and rewarding way. However, simply offering a discount without any strategy or preparation can lead to an unsuccessful promotion. To make the most out of this day, it's important to understand your target customers, analyse the cost of goods, and set sales expectations.

For most venues that have run a promotion at some point, the process will often look something like this.

  • Create discount.
  • Highlight discounts online or in print.
  • Run offer for a while.
  • Wonder whether it worked or not.

The challenge with this approach is that there is no strategy or preparation behind the promotion leaving you with no real indicators as to its success or profitability. To set yourself in the right direction, here's what you should understand:

  • Understanding your existing customers and your target customers.
  • Cost of goods analysis?
  • Can it be taken away or home delivered?
  • Sales expectations?

When creating a promotion for IBD, you should be focusing on celebrating your burger offering, because that IS what the day is all about right?!

A great way to do this is by providing incentives for customers to share the experience with their friends and family. You can also complement the promotion with value-added specials, such as side dishes and drink options, to create a complete meal package offer that won't cause undue stress on your kitchen team during peak service hours. This will result in a positive transaction process that provides value and convenience without discounting your bottom line.

Running a promotion on a day such as IBD gives you a fixed window to run the promotion and measure the results. To ensure a successful promotion, consider using quality ingredients that save time and provide consistency, such as Angel Bay Premium Beef Patties.

By using flash-frozen protein, you will be able to have burgers running out the door in no time! Ultimately, hospitality is all about providing a great food and service experience, so creating a simple yet enjoyable meal will inspire customers to return and bring their friends with them – there’s no greater 5-star review than that.

In celebration, I’ve created a fun recipe that's both inspirational and achievable. Remember, a well-executed promotion on IBD can help you engage with your customers and attract new business, making it a win-win for everyone. Give it a try and see how it works for your business!

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