Slider Takeaway Box

This slider takeaway box is the perfect addition to any occasion. Picnics on the beach, family days out and children’s birthday party - your customers will love having the option to order one in advance or purchase as they pass through. Sell as a box of beef sliders or mix and match with other meats to find your winning combination.

Bonus points for pairing with a takeaway box of chips on the side.

Download our free Point of Sale Flyer for the Takeaway Slider Box to assist your sales.

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  • 12 x Angel Bay Angus Beef Slider Patties

  • 12 x Brioche Slider Buns

  • Lettuce

  • Roma Tomatoes

  • American Cheese

  • Pickles

  • Ketchup

  • Mustard

  • Long Toothpicks


  1. Finely slice the red onion.

  2. Cook 12 x Angel Bay Angus Beef Sliders according to the product instructions. Be sure to finish them off on a hot plate to brown the patties.

  3. With 2 minutes of cook time left on the patties, place a slider of cheese on each and grill.

  4. Prepare your sliders by placing a squeeze of mustard and ketchup on the bottom bun followed by lettuce, the patty with melted cheese, a pickle, a few slices of red onion and the top bun.

  5. Stick a long toothpick through the center of each slider bun and place in your takeaway box.

  6. Bonus - chop Roma tomatoes in half and skewer through toothpick facing upwards for added flare.