5 Creative Uses for sliders - Part I


This edition specifically looks at catering

The slider is a double agent of deliciousness, living in two worlds at once.

On one side, it’s the ultimate way to feed a large crowd fast; the caterer’s choice for small portion finger food that fills the gap - and then on the flip side, aka the other upside, we have the slider as the sit-down meal deal. 

This is a two-part story. A tale of one slider living two lives. So without further ado, let's get into the list.

5 creative uses for sliders in catering

1. Create a slider station

You’re hosting lots of people and their breakout sessions is creating lunchtime chaos. A slider station adds a team-building aspect to your burger building solution! People can pick and choose, construct the sliders they want, and because Angel Bay sliders are easy to cook (straight from the freezer), you can keep ‘em coming for the team without any hassles!

2. Partially-plated entrees

Looking for a fun evening meal idea? The slider station idea can work nicely as a partially-plated entree. Everyone has a bun on their plate, all the trimmings (lettuce, tomato, cheese, sauces etc.) are on their table, so the waiting staff only place piping hot slider patties when it’s time! It’s a fantastic icebreaker and gets everyone chatting.

3. Condiments with compliments

Send catering staff around the crowd with serving boards loaded with sliders and various sauces so attendees can complete their slider how they choose. Remember to have your serving staff try each burger combination so they can answer customer questions and make serving suggestions.

4. Brand it, then hand it!

Slider buns are like mini hills to raise your brand colours upon. Decorate with flag toothpicks during special events that require catering. Take any special event from zero to hero by decorating your sliders with key themes, phrases and brand colours! You can even run competitions to see who can collect the most of one colour, create sentences with their toothpicks, or collect an entire set of partner logos - a little bargaining and negotiation while we’re dining!

5. Sharing platter sorted

You’re looking for easy to prepare and manage banquet-style options. Something your wait staff can place with ease - and look impressive doing it! Sliders can form the backbone of delicious sharing platters. Match the sliders with sweet potato fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings (and so on), and you’ve got a delightful feast. If it’s a stand-up event and you want something more substantial than finger food, these platters offer small-plate food options for mix and mingle functions.

That’s the first side, the bright side of sliders in the catering universe! But is it our best side to the two-sided slider story?! That’s for you to… (warning- terrible pun incoming) de-slide…er.

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