5 Creative Uses For Sliders - Part II


This edition specifically looks at serving sliders as a meal.

The slider is a double agent of deliciousness, living in two worlds at once.

In part one, we showed you it’s the ultimate way to feed a large crowd fast; the caterer’s choice of small-portion finger food for filling the gap. If you didn’t read part one - click here.

Now, here on the flip side, aka the other upside, we place the slider center stage in the leading role at mealtime.


5 creative uses for sliders as a meal

1. Serve as a trio of sliders

Three sliders three ways is an easy way to bring a variety of flavour experiences to a single sit-down meal. You can offer either:

• Your trio: Serve a trio of sliders as a complete meal creating different flavour profiles for each patty, e.g. English beef, Asian slaw and Southern BBQ - check out our recipes here.


• Customer’s choice: Give the customer a choice of sliders that allows them to create their trio. They can mix it up or go three of the same. 

2. Breakfast Sliders for the brunch & Breaky Market

What a way to slide into the day. This is a fun riff on a breakfast muffin that takes your menu, which you can offer as a complete meal or as a light bite on the menu. It could also work as a takeaway item for breaky trade or in a combo meal with a coffee. This recipe can be adapted to work well in a smaller, slider version.

3. Make it a family meal deal

With various sliders on the menu, Mum’s and Dad’s can mix up the flavours and bring something for everyone to the table. Make it a combo deal - e.g. any 4 drinks and a large side for a reduced price. Anywhere that makes mealtime easy for a busy parent will become a family favourite, and sliders’ being bite-size means that even the fussiest eater can get some calories in before their next big adventure.

4. Serve as a Tapas-Style Menu Item

It’s not just kids who like to eat on a whim and pick and choose. Tapas-style dining has a higher-order value with many patrons, and it’s the menu style that keeps giving. A tapas menu built around a selection of sliders gives your customers plenty of choices, and your kitchen can deliver a menu that’s easy to order for, prepare and plate. 

5. Capture the "Linner" market

Linner  – the period between lunch and dinner – often calls for a light menu option. Don’t close your kitchen! Instead, offer sliders that anyone can prepare, even if the chef has gone home. Serve as a mini-meal for customers mainly drinking and looking for something light to “tide them over.

Now you see both sides of the slider, you can tell that they are the burgers that bring the flavour and value for events and sit-down meals but wait… another player is sliding into home base at the last minute - the takeaway.

Click here to read part 3, our final foray in the ‘slider trilogy' - looking at 3 ways to use sliders as a takeaway menu item.


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