June Update

As June wraps up, our sales representatives efforts have been met with positive feedback and great meetings with our loyal customer base. Running around to appointments and delivering samples all across Australia.

With Angel Bays apron campaign off to a great start, we’ve been loving all of the photos you’re sending in! Check out the link below to see a collection of all of you in our new aprons.


Brooke our QLD rep has had a great month with an incredible response to the apron campaign, especially amongst schools. Special mention to Val, a dedicated volunteer at a Queensland school for over 35 years.

A special product mention to our Homestyle Beef Burgers which has been a real hit with lots of samples running out this month.

Oswald the Victoria representative hosted Lunch on Us and highlighted the 150g Angus Beef Burgers which were a real hit. If you’d like to sample any of Angel Bays products, click HERE to request a free sample or book Lunch on Us HERE.

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