Kick-off footy season with a team-themed burger

You can almost taste it! The fever-pitch excitement of footy season is almost upon us - so now’s a great time to show your team colours by offering some footy flavoured burgers.

There are two Angel Bay recipes you can use as your delicious base for these team-themed creations:

The Footy is Back Burger

He’s big, has power, and scores every time he is served.

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A Trio of Sliders

The Dream Team.

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This team are your forwards, centre line and backs - giving you the latitude to dress them three ways or land one big hit in three smaller portions. 

The promo - show your team colours! 

This footy season promotion is straightforward to land, and it’s all about the condiments - you will need nine kinds of sauce… or just the combo that matches your team!

  • • Mustard - yellow
  • • Ketchup - red
  • • Thick soy sauce - black
  • • Mayo - white
  • • Blue cheese dressing (or blue mayo!) - blue, obviously
  • • Sriracha mayo - orange
  • • BBQ sauce - brown & burgundy (if you add a hint of ketchup)
  • • Purple ranch - mix blue mayo with ketchup (or seek out a purple plum sauce) - purple
  • • Jalapeno hot sauce - green

Once you have these colours - you can throw the team colours both in and on top of your team themed burger!

  • • Crows - Soy, ketchup & mustard
  • • Lions - Mustard, ketchup & blue cheese
  • • Blues - Soy and mayo - or just go blue cheese all the way!
  • • Magpies - Soy and mayo
  • • Bombers - Soy and ketchup
  • • Dockers - Soy and mayo
  • • Cats - Soy and mayo
  • • Suns - Ketchup and mustard
  • • Giants - Sriracha mayo, mayo & soy (that’s going to have a giant flavour!)
  • • Hawks - Mustard and BBQ sauce
  • • Demons - Ketchup & soy (and maybe some hot sauce for demon heat!)
  • • Kangaroos - Blue cheese & mayo
  • • Power - Soy, mayo & blue cheese (OK, that’s going to be powerful!)
  • • Tigers - Soy & mustard
  • • Saints - Ketchup, mustard and soy
  • • Swans - Ketchup & mayo
  • • Eagles - Purple ranch (or plum sauce) and sriracha mayo
  • • Bulldogs - Blue cheese, ketchup & mayo


  • • Broncos - Mustard and BBQ sauce mixed with ketchup
  • • Raiders - Mayo and Jalapeno hot sauce
  • • Bulldogs - Blue cheese and mayo
  • • Sharks - Soy, blue cheese & mayo
  • • Titans - Mustard, blue cheese & mayo
  • • Sea Eagles - BBQ sauce (mixed with a little ketchup) & mayo
  • • Storm - Soy & mayo
  • • Knights - Purple ranch, mayo and ketchup
  • • Warriors - Jalapeno hot sauce, mayo & blue cheese - a real mouthful!
  • • Cowboys - Mustard, mayo & blue cheese
  • • Eels - Mustard & jalapeno
  • • Panthers - Soy & mayo
  • • Rabbitohs - Jalapeno & mayo
  • • Dragons - Ketchup, soy & mayo
  • • Roosters - Ketchup & mayo
  • • Tigers - Sriracha & mayo


Blue cheese too much? Make some blue mayo!

It’s easy, just take regular mayo and add tiny drops of blue food colouring until you get the blue that’s right for you!

Do a head-to-head promotion 

Have your home team burger as a weekly promotional staple. Then, with each match, swap out a competitor burger with the other team’s colours. Maybe, you’ll pick up some extra business from their supporters!

They are precooked for the win!

Angel Bay patties help you put on your game face and keep it there, even under pressure! The precooked Angel Bay burger patty makes it easier for you to keep your eye on the ball. Pre-cooked patties make burgers easier to prepare, and pretty much anyone can do it. The patties are always on hand in the freezer, and burgers are an easy option when you want a sure-fire win on game day.

More celebration. Less wastage - one benefit of Angel Bay burgers being a frozen product is that leftover patties are there when you need them another day - whether your team is playing home or away.

With Angel Bay in the freezer you’re ready when the team turns up for a feed, every day. Whether you’re feeding it to the forwards or the backs, you’ve got a championship winner that’s in a league of its own.

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