Old School Aussie Burger

Indulge in the nostalgic flavors of Australia with our Old School Aussie Burger recipe! Featuring succulent Angel Bay Angus Beef Patties topped with all the things that make an Aussie burger .... well, Aussie. Onions, fried egg, pineapple slices, fresh lettuce, tomato and beetroot, all nestled between butter-toasted soft burger buns.

This classic burger will delight your customers and bring the taste of Down Under to your cafe or restaurant menu in just 25 minutes.



  1. To cook the Angel Bay Angus Beef Patty follow packet instructions, ensure the patty is cooked to an internal temperature of 75c. If cooking on a hotplate, halfway through the cooking process, top the patty with onions to cook out a little.

  2. Slice the bun in half and spread butter liberally on both pieces then lightly toast.

  3. Pan fry eggs, cook to preference. We recommend leaving sunny side up for the old school aussie burger look.

  4. To build burger, place patty and egg on bun base, top with lettuce and sliced tomato and tomato sauce finish with brioche bun lid. Serve with a smile.