Canteen Menu Ideas

Planning a profit-turning canteen menu in the current climate is a challenge. How many products on the market are healthy, reduce wastage and are loved by kids? We know there aren't many, because we've checked.

That's why we want to reassure canteen managers and menu decision-makers that they can rely on Angel Bay to deliver on all of the above plus more with our canteen-friendly beef burger patties.

Why you'll love them

  • • Strong selling product with high profit-margin
  • Can be cooked from frozen and are ready in minutes
  • • Part-cooked patty that is always consistent
  • • A pandemic proof product, easily stored to minimise wastage in case of emergency

Why kids love them

  • • Delicious taste, made from premium beef & lamb
  • • All patties are Halal Certified
  • • Gluten Free option available

We back our burger patties because we know your customers love them. Take a look at our school-friendly burgers below.


 100g Lite Beef Burger Patties

Product Code Unit Weight Pieces Per Bag Bags Per Carton
72911 100g 21 3


OurLite Beef Burger Pattieshave been designed with less fat than our regular patties to ensure they meet the high standards most Australian canteens have to operate by.

The size of these patties means they are perfect for young tummies and can be cooked from frozen in 10 minutes using a hotplate, you can also use an oven or microwave.

There are unlimited options to satisfy the masses. Below are a few school menu burger options using the Lite Beef Burger Patties:

Hot lunch menu:

Specials menu:

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 120g Gluten Free Beef
Burger Patties

Product Code Unit Weight Pieces Per Bag Bags Per Carton
72221 120g 20 3
OurGluten Free Beef Burger Pattiesare perfect for canteens and tuck shops catering to gluten-sensitive and intolerant consumers. These patties have the same great taste as our popular Homestyle patties but without the gluten.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure these patties pair well with all commercial gluten-free buns. When put to the test, consumers can't tell they are different from other Angel Bay burger patties. They're that good!

Gluten free needn't mean boring burgers. Get inspired with someGluten Free Beef Burgermenu ideas below:

Hot lunch menu:

Specials menu:

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Get back to school ready and order your Angel Bay patties through your local distributor today.

Need help finding a stockist or want to try a free sample? Drop us an email one of our help reps will be in contact to assist.