Managing The Easter Long Weekend

Guest written by Chef Liam.

Easter is a great time to spend with family and friends over the long weekend. As always, the great people working in hospitality create perfect social occasions ensuring that customers enjoy their well-earned break. The important issue for any business during this time is going to be “how” you manage your customer expectations on public holiday periods and still manage to turn a profit.

Managing Customer Expectations

During these peak periods the challenge to meet customers’ expectations, predicting their movements and coping with the rapidly increasing operating costs is the focus. Planning and preparation are key to successfully managing the road ahead and solving potential problems and issues.

Creating solutions, forecasting, accurate rostering and ensuring sufficient stock is on hand are the four keys.  Deliveries during the Easter period will be difficult, so plan to have stock delivered in advance, there is nothing worse than turning customers away or having to explain why half the menu is unavailable. 

Workplace Environment

The ultimate goal is to create a fun and exciting place for your hospitality team to work cohesively, operating and pumping to the best level possible.  As working whilst friends and family are socialising is and always will be part of hospitality life, providing a positive work environment with a good work-life balance will keep the team engaged.

Pictured: Easter Gourmet Lamb Burger - See recipe HERE

Don't forget about Socials!

Communicating with all of your current customers and potential new ones through social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok will keep the customer informed of your venues operating hours, promotions, and specials..

Part-Cooked Products

During the Easter peak consider how to support the kitchen team to remove some of the preparation tasks and consider the value added to the menu with some smart “ready to cook” and “ready to eat” products. They allow the chefs to focus on keeping up with demand and presenting great food, instead of mundane overworked food preparations.

The current range and quality of products in the market are exceptional and continue to develop. The advantages will enable your entire team to deliver consistent quality meals, reducing prep stress, reducing food waste and help keep control of labour costs.

For a look into alternate operating schemes, see our recent feature article on Dark Kitchens, you'll be surprised by their approach to home delivery and beyond.

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