5 Creative Uses For Sliders - Part III


This edition specifically looks at using sliders as a takeaway option.

In part one of this series, we showed you 5 creative uses for sliders in the catering market. Then in part two, we ventured into how to creatively fashion the humble slider into a meal.

In our final article in our "slider trilogy", we're sharing 3 ways to creatively use your sliders as a takeaway option.


3 tips for sliders in your takeaway business

1. Create a takeaway box of sliders

What’s better than a takeaway burger? A boxful of takeaway burgers! If you've got a crowd to feed and they are out and about, a takeaway box of sliders is going to give them easy-to-manage small portion morsels to feed folk on-the-go, or you can bring home plenty of variety if those sliders have a final destination - like a family dinner .

A box of sliders is perfect for a romantic picnic and then, at the other end of the scale, it’s a sure-fire win at a children’s birthday! Sliders cover both ends of the takeaway spectrum and everywhere in between. They can be served as a luxury item as well as a quick-fix crowd pleaser. With Angel Bay slider patties as the easy-to-cook protein in the midst of your slider creation, it all comes down to the buns and fixings as to where your slider lands in terms of audience and value. 

Click here to view our Slider Takeaway Box recipe.

2. Add Sliders to your hotbox as a grab-and-go item

We mentioned the ‘Linner’ market in our previous article. That’s the place between lunch and dinner when the munchies strike without warning. Having sliders in a hotbox for grab and go sales between mealtimes keeps the wolf from the door and sales ticking over. These also work well in combo deals along with soft drinks and coffees.

3. Use sliders for sampling

Slider patties are a great way to get tummies rumbling and appetites piqued. Cook up a few slider patties, cut them into single bite size portions and offer them to your customers. It’s a great way to ‘beef up’ sales during lull times. If you have the Angus beef sliders on the menu as well as a full-sized Angus beef burger (with the same recipe) you can encourage customers to purchase either the sliders if they have a small appetite or go for the big one if they have the hunger.

And that’s a wrap on the slider trilogy! If you're interested in learning more about the Angel Bay sliders you can contact us here or request a free sample here.


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