Five tips to boost your burger sales

Posted on Tuesday, 8th February 2022

“The humble burger is a menu item that can hold your kitchen together even in uncertain times.”

Restaurants have to pivot their menu and delivery strategies daily. One moment, the change is due to the supply chain, the next, it’s staff shortages… all the while, you’re keeping an eye on inflation and trying to paddle the kayak the right way up.

At times like these, the pre-cooked Angel Bay burger patty can be the cornerstone that holds your menu together. Pre-cooked patties make burgers easier to prepare, and pretty much anyone can do it. The patties are always on hand in the freezer, and burgers are an easy win when you’re simply trying to stay in the game.

Here are five handy strategies to boost sales with burgers in the current climate.

1. Always desirable - The All Day, Everyday menu item

Having a breaky, lunch and evening burger on the menu means you are locking in a sure thing for every shift.

2. Dress ‘em up for a special event!

Get your customers excited about upcoming events, festivals and holidays by rotating in a special each month that gives a nod to that occasion.

More celebration. One benefit of Angel Bay burgers being a frozen product is that you don't have to use the whole pack, leftover patties are there when you need them another day.

3. Combo deals - altogether better value

Adding value is a great way to give your customers more bang for their beleaguered buck while still beefing up your bottom line. Adding a combo deal to your menu can improve sales and makes your place the ‘one-stop shop’ for a tasty meal solution.

This could look like:

  • • The flip’n sip - Burger  a drink for $12

    • The flip, chip ’n sip - Burger, fries & a drink for $15

4. Deliver better burgers faster!

Cheap, fast & good - they say you can only have two of these with any product. Angel Bay breaks that formula and delivers all three… faster burgers that taste better - and are affordable - that’s a win for your customers.

Here are three ways you can deliver better burgers faster.

  1. Squeeze a few minutes out of your prep time by replacing your fresh burger patty with a part-cooked patty.
  2. Cut and organise some ingredients before every shift, and then replenish those in the quieter moments.
  3. Use an online ordering and payment system, so during your crunch times, you can focus on the making - more on this in an upcoming article.

5. Chefs all at home? Make it a burger only menu day!

Having spoken with plenty of chefs and cooks about the benefits of Angel Bay burgers in busy kitchens, one of the frequent feedback points is ‘They help us on days when it’s hard to get trained people to work,’ - often during weekends, which is a real crunch time for hospo.

With a burger (or two or more) on your menu you can keep cooking even if your trained team member is self-isolating or simply needs a day off!

The humble burger. It will always have your back and be there when you need it (our patties are always handy in the freezer). Anyone can put them together, saving you time and money on getting trained staff at short notice when you’re just trying to keep your nose above the waterline.

So, when life hands you onions! Chop ‘em up, add a cheesy grin and say “Burger It! I’ve got this!”

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